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GROOM Customized Waxing Method is a process that incorporates natural waxes, moisturizing ingredients and essential oils to deliver the most effective epilation. Using two different types of Strip Wax and Hard Wax which “shrink wraps” resistant hair in sensitive areas, result in a quick and rather painless hair removal!

$60 and up
$80 and up
Back, Shoulders & Neck
$55 and up
Chest & Torso
Full arms
$125 and up
Full Legs
Feet & Toes
Hands & Fingers
Nostrils or Earlobes


Known by several monikers such as ‘Bro-zilian’, ‘Boy-zillian’, ‘Man-zillian’, BSC (back, sack & crack), whatever you call it, it’s hair removal down there where the ‘boys’ are!

According to a report in The New York Times, removing hair off your junk has become a more common practice.

Full Brazilian (shaft, testicles, perineum, crack)
Half Brazilian (shaft & testicles only)
$60 and up
Buttocks (cheeks, inner thighs, crack)


Body hair clippering is a technique of trimming excess overgrowth. It is really about how much what you want to keep as to what you don’t, giving you a trimmer trunk and making everything else look bigger!

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