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GROOM facial treatment is developed specifically for men addressing concerns such as ingrown hairs, oiliness, breakouts, razor burns and dehydration. The treatment make use of generous application of CosMedix product range and is delivered with skilled and meticulous techniques. A complimentary skin analysis is offered to customize each treatment.

GROOM Fitness Facial

An out-of-the-norm deep-cleansing, double-exfoliating facial to slough away dead skin and eliminate all impurities. Skin will be revitalized after an intense, deep facial massage. Superb monthly prescriptive treatment for all skin types, even the most temperamental one!

60-70 Minutes
45 Minutes

Sun Damage Relief

This treatment improves and prevents the surface and deeper layers of the skin from pigmentation caused by sun exposure. A super antioxidant corrective facial which repair, nourish and repair skin at a cellular level and clears and brightens the texture and appearance of skin. This treatment also includes a deep, moisturizing treatment for the arms and hands.

50 Minutes


GROOM peel treatments are safe, non-traumatic and effective in correcting skin conditions such as inflammation, enlarged pores and hyper pigmentation. An alternative for repairing skin that have lost its elasticity and/or is prematurely aging without downtime. Peels are performed with the exclusive use of CosMedix Correct Peels professional range. A mandatory skin analysis is performed to check for contraindications and a signed consent is required.

Peel Therapy

Completely customized to deeply exfoliate and intensely stimulate change in skin, resulting in an effective and noticeable treatment. Peels are designed to increase stimulation of skin’s collagen and elastin production as well as NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). Suited for rosacea, sensitive, reactive and mature skin. Ideal monthly conditioning maintenance or with each change of season, prior to long haul flights or twenty- four hours before a big night out!

30-40 Minutes
4 Series

Age-Defying Intensive

An L-Retinol and L-Lactic acid peel to dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging particularly suited to skin over forty years of age. As the skin’s own exfoliating cycle slows down with each passing year, this treatment can ensure the optimum thirty day cell turnover is maintained resulting in a smoother, denser, more hydrated skin. This intense deep peel works well for treating fine lines, wrinkles and sun damaged skin. A pre peel protocol of at least 10 days is recommended to prepare skin. This excellent treatment boosts and boots out microdermabrasions, fillers and Botox!

40 Minutes
4-6 Series

Eyebrow Cleanup

The eyebrows shape and define the face. Thorough preparation is followed by waxing and/or tweezing to achieve exact results.


Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

An effective way to define and enhance the eyes. Ideal for anyone who has fair eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eyebrow & Eyelash
The Triptych (eyebrow cleanup, eyebrow & eyelash tinting)

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