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Just as you care for the skin on your face, your body needs attention also. Using CosMedix Body Revolution products containing active, medical strength formulations safely absorbs into the body to produce an inside-out change. Treatments address a host of body conditions like dehydration, discolorations, stretch marks, varicosities, dimples and scarring.

Total Body Work

A purifying, exfoliating restorative treatment that involves the application of concentrated antioxidants including Astaxanthin which is 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E. Additionally, a complete complex of caffeine, growth factors and amino acids form for an innovative, highly effective body firming, smoothing treatment. Great for shoulders, back, buttocks and chest.

30 Minutes

GROOM Body Build & Lift

An all-over reparative body peel that lightens, brightens and correct the skin. Containing a hefty dose of L-Lactic acid and L-Retinol AGP, as well as pomegranate and green tea, this treatment works deep within the skin to soften, exfoliate and encourage the growth of fresh, young cells. A pre peel protocol of at least 14 days is recommended to prepare skin.

50 Minutes

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